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Printed Circuit Board Design
CADroom.com Printed Circuit Board Design Home Page Printed Circuit Board Design Services Design Review of printed circuit boards Total Quality (printed circuit board) Design Virtual Prototyping of printed circuit boards Contact Printed Circuit Board Designers   We welcome the customer's input throughout the entire printed circuit board design process. Customer involvement begins with the Design Review, where CADroom.com's expert printed circuit board designers thoroughly review the customer's specifications.  
Design Review

The CADroom.com Design Review examines critical electrical, mechanical, and documentation aspects of the printed circuit board design. Among the considerations are:
  • Electrical
    • Design Constraints and Rules
    • Current Carrying Requirements per Trace
    • Signal, Power, Ground Layer Requirements
    • Minimum Spacing, Minimum Trace Width
    • Via Constraints
    • Thermal Ground Issues including Thermal Vias
    • Split Planes
    • Layer Stack-Up Configuration
    • Impedance Control
    • Picket Fencing, RF stitching Vias
    • Shielding Vias
  • Mechanical
    • Component Height Restrictions
    • Maximum Number of Layers
    • Maximum Board Thickness
    • Pre-Placed Component Data
    • Use of Off-Board Components
    • Location of Wiring Terminations
    • Thermal Considerations, Heat Sinks, etc.
    • Fiducials
    • Breakaways
  • Documentation
    • Fabrication and Assembly Drawings
    • PDF Files e.g. 12-Layer Board, 5706 KB (pdf file, Acrobat Reader required)
    • Pen Plots
    • Photo Plots
    • Pick and Place File
    • Gerber Files
    • ODB++ Files
    • Peripheral Layout Documents: Soldermask, Silkscreen, Paste Screen Mask
    • Parts List e.g. Parts List, 24 KB  (pdf file, Acrobat Reader required)

You can get a free PDF reader here:

Customer-furnished data includes:
  • Schematic Diagram
  • Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Net List
  • Routing Rules
  • Required Placements
  • Outline Drawing defining restrictions
    (cutouts, mounting features, etc.)
  • Marking Requirements
  CADroom.com maintains an extensive Piece Part Library detailing the electrical, mechanical, and physical characteristics of thousands of printed circuit board components.

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