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Board Dimensions: X= inches      Y= inches
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Max. Board Thickness:       inches
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Technology Type: Analog     RF     High Speed     PCI
Component Technology: Through     SMT     Both
Critical Signals: BGA     µBGA     RF     PCI     Diff Pairs
High Speed     Contolled Impedance
SMT Placement: Top     Bottom     Both
Vias: Through     Buried     Blind     Laser     Micro
Stackup Supplied? Yes     No
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Soldermask? Top Yes     No             Bottom Yes     No
Silkscreen? Top Yes     No             Bottom Yes     No
Paste Screen Mask? Top Yes     No             Bottom Yes     No
Fabrication Drawing?         Yes     No
IPC-356 Netlist?         Yes     No
X, Y Insertion File?         Yes     No
Assembly Dwg?         Yes     No
Photo Plots?         Yes     No
Pen Plots?         Yes     No
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