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CADroom.com Printed Circuit Board Design Home Page Printed Circuit Board Design Services Design Review of printed circuit boards Total Quality (printed circuit board) Design Virtual Prototyping of printed circuit boards Contact Printed Circuit Board Designers   Virtual Prototyping, is an optional extension of Total Quality Design. We use powerful simulation tools to detect latent errors in the printed circuit board design and in the layout.

This service can save you money!
Virtual Prototype

HyperLynx is signal integrity simulation software that speeds up the design verification process and detects problems on high-speed PCBs that would normally arise during the breadboard phase of your printed circuit board design cycle.   LineSim and BoardSim make virtual prototyping feasible. These simulations are product-to-market time savers.

Virtual Prototyping assures you that we have taken all available steps to attain error-free printed circuit board designs.

LineSim Screen LineSim Screen   LineSim is a pre-layout simulation package that allows "what-if" analysis. It simulates the lab environment and detects integrity issues at the schematic level. We can determine the best scenario for your circuit prior to layout. The stackup editor allows you to plan, in advance of manufacturing, for the optimal stackup for impedance.

BoardSim is a post-routing simulation to determine if any routes are affecting circuit performance. This simulation takes into consideration board material, thickness, copper weight, etc. A Terminator Wizard checks for stubs and determines resistor values. An oscilloscope window displays waveforms for signal analysis.   BoardSim Screen BoardSim Screen

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