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Printed Circuit Board Design
CADroom.com Printed Circuit Board Design Home Page Printed Circuit Board Design Services Design Review of printed circuit boards Total Quality (printed circuit board) Design Virtual Prototyping of printed circuit boards Contact Printed Circuit Board Designers   Our CADroom has long been recognized as a high-quality printed circuit board design service. We are offering our advanced design capabilities to all industries.  
Our Services

Our customers have learned that they can rely on receiving a high-performance printed circuit board design that's ready for manufacture, test, and assembly. CADroom.com is synonymous with Total Quality Design.

These are some of the tools we utilize:                                         

  • PADS Layout and Router
    • Analog, Digital and RF Design
    • High Speed Design
    • Constraint Driven Design
    • SMT, BGA, CGA
    • Blind and Buried Vias
    • Auto Routing
    • ODB++ and Gerber Files
    • IPC Netlist output
    • Pick & Place X, Y insert files
  • Hyperlynx High Speed Design Analysis
    • LineSim
    • BoardSim
  • Keysight Genesys
    • High Performance RF/Microwave Design
    • Simulate High-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields
  • AutoDesk Inventor
    • 3D Solid and Assembly Models
    • 2D AutoCAD Drawings
  • OrCAD Schematic Capture

PADS Router, in conjunction with the PADS Layout tool, provide for front-to-back, constraint-driven products. Electrical rules and layout parameters are paramount in the routing of today's high-speed, dense, fine-pitched printed circuit boards.   Example of Matched Length Differential Pairs Example of Matched Length Differential Pairs

Example of Pads Layout Example of Pads Layout   PADS Layout and Router are a sophisticated design tool set for complex printed circuit boards. From the importing of CAE files through the CAM outputs for fabrication, PADS is a reliable product that assists us in getting our most difficult, high-speed printed circuit board designs to our customers in a timely fashion.

Design capabilities include a wide range of printed circuit boards from simple 2-layer test boards to complex 20+ layer controller boards. Post-layout simulation and analysis tools bring the engineering, layout, and manufacturing efforts together for a more successful product.   Example of Matched Length RF with Stitching Example of Matched Length RF with Stitching

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